Senior Technical Artist

Remote or New York City NY

About Pahdo Labs

The Role

As a Lead Technical Artist for Pahdo Labs, you will:

  • Work closely with our engineering and art teams to help turn our artists’ vision of a beautiful, anime-themed world into reality
  • Create tools and pipelines for artists and game designers that will enable artists to efficiently test their ideas and implement their artwork in-engine
  • Build the no-code tools and interfaces that players will use to create their own dungeons, levels, and mods in our game world


  • Set the foundation for the tools and workflows that will enable our art and engineering teams to implement our art vision in-engine
  • Help determine how we can best transform internal technology into user-friendly UGC game creation tools for players to use
  • Collaborate with engineers, artists, and designers to build tools and pipelines in Godot Engine
  • Write specific plugins and tools for external software such as Maya and Blender
  • Finish your mission and tasks with autonomy, occasionally taking on the role of a project lead or producer if necessary

Desired Qualifications

  • 5+ years of combined experience in technical art or software engineering roles
  • Specific experience creating user-friendly tools and pipelines tools & pipelines for non-technical artists and designers
  • Past experience with Maya or Blender, especially Maya art pipelines for game development
  • Understanding of modeling, texturing, VFX, and animation fundamentals
  • Expertise in modern programming languages such as C++, Python, and Go
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills across engineering and art disciplines
  • Love of games, especially isometric action games such as Hades, MMORPGs like Lost Ark, or games in the sandbox/sim genres


  • 8+ years of experience in technical art
  • Significant C++ programming experience
  • Experience with Godot Engine
  • Abilities in any secondary areas such as modeling, rigging, animating, VFX, or lighting
  • Past experience working on cross-platform titles or MMORPGs
  • Familiarity with UGC game platforms and tools like Roblox, Rec Room, Halo Forge, RPG Maker, or Mario Maker
  • Love for anime and stylized cel-shaded 3D and 2D art styles, and past experience working on projects with kind of look

Our Perks:

  • Salary Range: $95,000 - $170,000
  • Unlimited paid time off with 2-week vacation minimum
  • 100% employer-paid medical, vision, and dental insurance for the employee
  • Flexible and remote work culture

If interested, please email us at hello@pahdolabs.com with a resume, and links to any portfolios that you can share!